We understand that as parents you are curious to know how your child is doing at camp, has he/she settled in, is he/she having fun?  
Constant phone calls from parents, however, can and do disrupt the flow of the camp and the rhythm that the campers settle addition to often creating homesickness.  We ask that parents refrain from calling the camp directly to speak to their child, except in cases of emergency.  Although it is not required, campers will be encouraged to contact their parents once per week by one of the following available means of communication:
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Phone Calls

Due to the nature of the program, there is a land-line available and it is limited to staff and camper emergencies only; parents can be provided with this number to have in case of an urgent matter but are encouraged to call the CISS Emergency Line at 1-416-646-1225. Calls home will be made using Skype® or Campers have access to pay telephones located in each residence. We do, however, encourage students to limit the number of calls they make.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones are not permitted for general use at Swallowdale Camp. Campers who bring them will be asked to leave them in safe-keeping at the camp office. Phones           will be given to campers only when needed to call home or to sign-out during

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Campers will have access to email during their stay at camp as they can access the         computer lab on campus during certain times. Campers wishing to use email must           have a personal web-based email address (ie. gmail, yahoo, etc)