This was my first year at Swallowdale and
I had a great time. I was able to meet new friends right from the start. I will always remember my time at Swallowdale because
it was very fun
— Clara (Age 16 - Spain)

Swallowdale Camp also offers a Leaders-In-Training (LIT) programme for older campers (aged 16) who want to further develop their leadership skills within our camp environment. LITs gain hands-on experience and develop strong skills in areas such as instructing camp activities, organizing and leading evening programming, conflict resolution, teamwork, First-Aid training and good communication.

LIT Session dates 2019

  • 3 weeks: July 07 to July 27

  • Add-on Practicum weeks possible:

    • 1 week: July 28 - Aug 03

    • 2 weeks: July 28 - August 10

Candidates must:

  • be willing to participate for a full 3-week LIT programme

  • be 16 years old at time of programme

  • submit an LIT application form

  • arrange for a Skype interview with the director