KELSEY GIBSON:  Swallowdale Director 2017

"Swallowdale Camp is very much like a second home to me. Both staff and campers develop close and memorable relationships that are everlasting. My love for camping and the outdoors derives from my childhood. My family enjoyed spending our summers camping around Ontario. As I grew older, I became involved in summer camps both as a camper and counsellor. For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for working with children and youth. That passion eventually became reality when I pursued a career in teaching. Since 2012 I have been working as an Elementary Teacher and every day I wake up more in love with my job. 

Swallowdale Camp allows me to continue this passion throughout the summer and I am honoured and excited to be returning for a third year. The atmosphere is undeniably contagious and the spirit created from both staff and campers is addictive. Swallowdale Camp has been one of the most unique and enriching experiences I have ever had and I cannot wait to create a summer full of lifetime memories with all that attend in the years to come. "

Interested in becoming part of our exciting team?

We are now recruiting for highly energetic people to work at Swallowdale Camp for this coming summer. We offer a variety of roles which include:

  • Administrative Staff
  • ESL Instructors
  • Activity Instructors - land sports,         water sports, woodworking, arts/crafts, outdoor education, music/guitar, dance, yoga, mountain biking and more
  • Camp Nurse (and/or Red Cross® certified First Aid Instructors)
  • Lifeguards (NLS certified or Red Cross® Water Safety Instructor)
  • General Counsellors

      Candidates must

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be Canadian citizens
  • Be Willing to live at the camp with campers for the duration of the camp season
  • Have current VSC
  • Have experience working with children


Please send a letter and resume to recruit@cisscanada.com