Memories That Last a Lifetime! by CISS CANADA

Going to camp gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people from around the world and have such fun summers that I will never forget! You feel like a family at Swallowdale Camp and the last week at camp is always sad seeing the summer come to a end. I remember going my first year and knew from the second day I wanted to keep coming back. At camp you are worry free and always in good company. I will never forget all the amazing staff who run this camp and who i have got close with over the years and are now friends for life and one of the reasons i kept coming back to camp for 4 years. If your thinking about choosing this camp you don't need to second guess it will be a summer to remember.

- Matthew T. 

Years at Camp: 2012-2015
Age at Camp: 12
Country: Canada

The Best Years of My Life by CISS CANADA

At the young age of 9 years old I had the opportunity to attend Swallowdale. Here I am - 2nd tallest with the hat on. Yep that's me! I attended Swallowdale for 13 years of my life and experienced being a camper, an LIT (Leader in Training), a counselor, a section head and a LIT Director. My years at Swallowdale I recall to be the best years of my life. I learnt so much about myself and who I am and can be as a person. I learnt about so many other cultures while interacting with students from there and I finally learnt to appreciate the little things in life. This place is magical in every way. It changes you, it makes you bond with people in a way you never thought you could, it teaches you to understand and be open-minded and to challenge yourself; it brings out the best in you. This place will forever be my 2nd home and I encourage campers to come an experience what an incredible program this is. Come and have some of your best years of your life be at Swallowdale Camp. 

- Veronica D. 

Years at Camp: 2001-2013
Age at Camp: 9
Country: Canada/Colombia

I went to camp expecting to make friends but I ended up with a family
— Anonymous
Summer 2002

Summer 2002